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Low Carbon Transport Applications Centre, LOCATE

The Scottish Government announced in March 2021 the launch of a new heavy-duty vehicle platform testing and innovation facility, LOCATE, to be situated at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc in Dundee.

The LOCATE initiative provides a ‘first of a kind’ platform level, route-to-market Power Train Test Bed (PTTB) for hydrogen fuel cell/battery electric drive trains.  LOCATE will form part of a Low Carbon Transport Programme being jointly developed between Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland.

The LOCATE test facility will provide an ‘emulated’ representation of real-world duty cycles for a variety of heavy-duty road/niche vehicles. This replaces and brings forward what would traditionally have been on-road testing.  LOCATE is unique in that it brings together PTTB capability with hydrogen and power network knowledge and skills gained from research and innovation through the University of St Andrews and University of Strathclyde.