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Glasgow City Council – Fleet Decarbonisation Strategy

The Hydrogen Accelerator is providing ongoing project support to Glasgow City Council to realise its ambitions to decarbonise their entire captive fleet within the next ten years.  An important initiative is the decarbonisation of their heavy fleet vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell electric.  Having secured funding from Transport Scotland for the development of a prototype refuse collection vehicle which is being developed by Arcola Energy and Glasgow-based Farad Hillend, Glasgow City Council will be showcasing this prototype at COP26 in November 2021.  The procurement process is currently underway for temporary and permanent refuelling infrastructure and for a fleet of an additional nineteen fuel cell electric refuse collection vehicles.  This will be the largest fleet in the UK and will enable further deployment of zero emission refuse collection vehicles across Scotland’s city regions, supporting local authorities achieve their decarbonisation ambitions.  The Hydrogen Accelerator is providing ongoing project and technical support and engaging across the Glasgow region with both public and private sector organisations who can collaborate on future zero emission transport initiatives.

Read the Glasgow City Council Fleet Strategy here.