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Gerry Agnew

Director, Hydrogen Accelerator

Gerry has spent 23 years working on fuel cells and electrolysers. He co-founded the Rolls-Royce fuel cell business in 2002 and was technical lead through spin-out JVs with Singapore and Korean giant LG until 2015. Gerry was also involved in providing advice around hydrogen and energy storage through his role as an engineering Senior Fellow at Rolls-Royce from 2012 to 2019.

Gerry is proud of his track record of working closely with universities in Scotland He took on the role of coordinator for the Rolls-Royce UTC at Strathclyde from 1997-2000 and worked closely on follow-on projects around gas sensing and power management. He has been involved in numerous projects with Prof John Irvine’s team at the University of St Andrews. Both these collaborations were critical to delivering better fuel cell systems and a stronger pool of talent in Scotland in this area.