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The Hydrogen Accelerator will facilitate the realisation of Scotland’s hydrogen future by bringing together, public bodies, industry, research organisations, and higher and further education institutions.

The Hydrogen Accelerator will provide expertise in the design and delivery of hydrogen projects, provide vital project management guidance and support, coordinate Scotland’s key hydrogen initiatives, enable capabilities to create new opportunities, and conduct analysis of the evolution of hydrogen-related technologies.

The Hydrogen Accelerator will play a central role in defining and delivering decarbonisation in Scotland.


The Hydrogen Accelerator seeks to:

  • increase expert capacity to advise and support public bodies and other organisations in designing and implementing hydrogen projects, from assessment of technologies to analysis of business models
  • improve coordination between Scotland’s key hydrogen initiatives, including the sharing of experience and learning of lessons
  • conduct analysis of the evolution of hydrogen-related technologies and their potential relevance to Scotland and to develop partnerships between Scotland’s research community, industry, and government to exploit the economic opportunities they present


The Hydrogen Accelerator will pursue these objectives through its four roles:

Technology assessment

The Accelerator will review new technology and their component parts to establish compatibility, safety and compliance with already existing infrastructure. This is particularly relevant for technologies where there has been no local oversight of the development and no knowledge of appropriate standards used.

Cost-benefit analysis of new and emerging technologies is also something the Accelerator can help with.

Engineering optimisation and standardisation

The Hydrogen Accelerator will provide support to organisations that are developing technologies to ensure that materials, processes and design are compliant with safety and regulatory requirements.


The Hydrogen Accelerator will act to match companies to the appropriate academic expertise as required and support collaboration (identification of funding etc) for low TRL technologies and where development support is required.

The Hydrogen Accelerator will co-ordinate with other local organisations such as the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc based in Dundee to ensure that companies are aware of the full catalogue of support and facilities available to them.

Outreach and communication

The Hydrogen Accelerator will act to promote its objectives, activities and output through outreach activities including publications, seminars and specialist workshops. This will include international collaborations, organisation and attendance of international conferences on the theme of low carbon mobility.

The Hydrogen Accelerator will maintain a database of all publicly available documents and project plans for existing work using hydrogen, both nationally and internationally, to prevent duplication of work.

The Hydrogen Accelerator will support public bodies to deliver their project implementation plans by providing models and frameworks that can be utilised having been endorsed in terms of technological competence, health and safety standards and economic viability.